Where Your Travel Choices Lifestyle Amplify Global Compassion!

Every booking you make with Vegius is a step towards a world where compassion and ethical living resonate across continents, uplifting animal sanctuaries and promoting a humane, sustainable future, one reservation at a time.

A Universe of Vegan Choices Awaits!

Dive into listings from vegan sanctuaries, bespoke vegan B&Bs, hostels, and beyond.

About Vegius

Vegius: Merging Vegan Living with Global Adventures

Vegius is where ethical travel meets practicality for vegetarians and vegans. Our platform simplifies your journey with vetted stays, plant-based dining, and cultural experiences that align with your values. Beyond travel, we’re committed to compassion, channeling a meaningful part of our profits to animal sanctuaries. Explore with Vegius, and make each trip a step toward a kinder world.

Our Purpose

Compassion at Our Core

We’re in alliance with vegan sanctuaries, channeling support and amplifying their message. With Vegius, travelers venture into the world, knowing that up to 50% of our service fee fortifies a sanctuary’s cause.

Our Dream: A world enlightened about animals as sentient souls, thriving on compassion.

Host with Vegius

Why Join as a Vegius Host?

Listing is free, fun, and fulfilling!

  • Assured vegan-friendly guests.

  • Connect with a global vegan community.

  • Effortless sync with platforms like Airbnb.

  • Control over your bookings.

  • Be a beacon for animal advocacy.

Your Journey with Vegius


Dive into a universe of vegan offerings, from serene sanctuary stays to bespoke accommodations.


A portion of your booking fee directly supports our partnered sanctuaries.


Immerse in vegan experiences, bond with our dedicated hosts, and embark on memorable adventures.


Leave with not just memories, but stories that touch the soul and inspire further journeys.

Celebrating Our Global Sanctuary Network

Witness the strength of our global ties, championing the sanctuary mission.

Host and Make an Impact

Got Space? Enrich It with Vegius!
Listing is effortless, and with every booking, you propel a mission of compassion.

Insights from Vegius

From updates, stories, to vegan musings, explore narratives that resonate.



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