Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Our Mission:

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is a non-profit, vegan organization and it is Almost Wild!

Life in captivity can never match life in the wild, so Jungle Friends provides our monkeys with a safe, forever home that is as natural as possible where they meet other monkey companions and do monkey things. They can climb trees, dig in the grass, swing from ropes or lounge in hammocks, some feeling the sun on their face and the wind in their fur for the very first time! The monkeys who call Jungle Friends home come from a variety of captive situations. About half of the monkeys were released from laboratory research, others were former “pets” who were relinquished, or confiscated due to neglect and abuse charges, and some were in the entertainment industry and others were found running loose who had escaped their captors. At Jungle Friends we provide a safe environment for over 200 New World monkeys — capuchins, spider monkeys, marmosets, tamarins, and squirrel monkeys. While our immediate and urgent responsibility is to provide the best possible life for the monkeys, our mission is not only to assist these individuals, but to also engage the interest and support of our national (and international) community. Every monkey rescued becomes a part of our message that these beings are worthy of our efforts and must be included in our moral universe. By taking action through our communications, presentations, and the Internet, we attempt to encourage, inspire and, wherever possible, assist others in taking specific actions for a more compassionate world.

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