Join Vegius as a Host

Offer stays and experiences that reflect the beauty of vegan and vegetarian living, and become a part of our global mission for compassion and change.

Host Your Stay

Transform your space into a retreat for ethical travelers.

Host an Experience

Craft unique events that celebrate the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Why Choose Vegius?

No Hosting Fees

Maximize your earnings with our guest-only fee structure.

Support a Sanctuary

Directly aid a sanctuary of your choice.

Kinder Guests

Attract compassionate, like-minded visitors.

Drive Change

Help create a demand for ethical choices.

How It Works:

1. List Your Space or Experience

Whether it’s a cozy vegan home or a vegetarian cooking class, share it with our community.

2. Get Bookings

Attract fellow vegans and vegetarians, ensuring that your guests understand and respect your lifestyle.

3. Support Animal Sanctuaries

A significant portion of our earnings aids animal sanctuaries. Hosting with us makes a difference.

The Vegius Advantage

Ethical Impact: Each booking contributes to animal welfare. Guests don’t just stay; they make a positive impact.

Trustworthy Guests: Our community is composed of ethical, conscious travelers you can trust.

Total Control: Set your prices, manage your calendar, and establish house rules that suit you.

Easy Integration: Sync Vegius with other platforms to keep all your bookings in one place.

Support Sanctuaries: Showcase your commitment by supporting animal sanctuaries.  Can’t find your favorite? Suggest new sanctuaries for us to collaborate with.

Empower the Vegan Movement While Maximizing Your Profits

Here, you don’t just host; you champion a vegan future. By keeping all your hosting earnings and dedicating a portion of service fees to an animal sanctuary of your choice.



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