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At a time when veganism is becoming more than a mindset and a lifestyle and also one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, large corporations that have profited from the suffering of animals by treating them as mere commodities are primed to take full advantage of this new trend.

During his time volunteering at Animal Sanctuaries in America, Faik Bouhrik, the founder of The Vegan Stay, was able to learn about the work these organizations do and the unique challenges the people behind them face, day in and day out.

Animal Sanctuaries, he realized, play a crucial role not only in rescuing animals in need from horrific exploitation but also in educating the general public about the need to see the animals for the sentient beings they truly are.

He noticed that while the founders of these sanctuaries work very hard to keep the animals under their care safe, they have to stretch their energies even further to generate funds to support their activities.

This is a very time-consuming affair that often does not generate the funds required to stay afloat comfortably and further their efforts to rescue, educate and advocate. The Vegan Stay was created to solve this problem. By creating a platform centered around vegan travel and activities and by inviting animal sanctuaries to partner with it.

The Vegan Stay funds sanctuaries worldwide by capitalizing on the opportunities the burgeoning vegan revolution has created, making animals and those who care for them some of its beneficiaries.

The key function of the Vegan Stay is to empower animal sanctuaries so that they spend more time doing what they do best: Saving lives and educating the public about the need to treat animals as sentient beings, capable of experiencing subjectively.

The Vegan Stay provides vegans, the world over, with a fun new way to find vegan accommodations anywhere in the world. By doing that, it provides animal sanctuaries with funding opportunities that had not existed before. At its core, The Vegan Stay feeds two birds with one scone!

Image Credit: Animal Place, Grass Valley, California, USA



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