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The Vegan Stay is an online marketplace for all-vegan accommodations around the world, designed to support vegan hosts and animal sanctuaries worldwide.

Maximise your impact on animals and your profits.

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Why Host on The Vegan Stay?

Help save more animals

With every booking, you are supporting an animal sanctuary of your choice, to which we donate 50 to 100% of our service fees.

More vegan bookings

Increase bookings to your accommodation by people who you relate to and can trust: vegan and vegan-curious, ethical and conscious guests.

No fees for hosts

As a host, you will not be charged a service fee. You can learn why here.

Integrate your calendars

Integrate your calendar easily with other booking platforms. Avoid overbookings and manage your accommodation passively. Learn how.

Set your own prices

You’ll receive 100% of your rental price, and you’re free to choose the amount. You can even add cleaning and other fees.

Host whenever you want

Block off dates when your stay is not available. Set up your house rules regarding check-in times, length of stay, advance notices and more. Learn more.

Recommended Hosts

Sanctuaries We're Helping

By registering, you are helping us to provide animal sanctuaries with funding opportunities that had not existed before.

You can choose to help your favourite sanctuary, and if you don’t see it on our list, please encourage them to contact

No fees for hosts

The Vegan Stay does NOT impose any fees on hosts. We want to encourage as many vegan hosts as possible to turn their rentals into mediums for passive activism on behalf of animals and those who care for them.

The service fee for travellers is about 13% of the total booking amount.

The service fee is only charged to the traveller, 40 to 50% of which goes directly to a vegan animal sanctuary Of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting is completely free on The Vegan Stay. We only charge the service fee to travellers, who pay 13% of the total booking amount. 

Here is how our canceling and refund policy work:

Time of Cancellation

Refund Policy

Up to 7 days before arrival

The guest receives a full refund (the host will not be paid)

Up to 3 days before arrival

The guest will be charged one night + 50% of the remaining nights

Day of reservation, before check-in time

The guest will be charged three nights + 50% of the remaining nights, if the stay is longer than 3 nights. If the stay is shorter than 3 nights, the Guest does not receive any refund.

Vegan Hosts are expected to honor any reservation made according to The Vegan Stay Policies. However, we understand that there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from following with such reservations. In that case, the host authorizes The Vegan Stay to refund guests 100% of the money they paid for services not delivered by the host.

The Vegan Stay strives to protect hosts from any adverse situations that might occur. For that, we allow hosts to set up their own rules for their stay, including: check-in and check-out times, mix/max nights a guest can stay, how far in the future guests can book and advance notice needed before booking.

Yes! Whether you use Airbnb or other booking platforms, it’s easy to integrate your calendar and make it update automatically. Learn how to do it here.

The Vegan Stay donates a minimum of 40% and up to 50% of our service fee to animal sanctuaries. Learn more about our service fee schedule.

First impressions matter, especially for a holiday destination. Your profile is the only opportunity you have to show the best your accommodation has to offer, so make sure it looks tempting! 

  • Pictures: Include high-quality pictures of your stay, covering the interior and exterior areas. If your stay is at a sanctuary, make sure to include pictures of the animals and the areas where the guests can interact with them!
  • Bio: Write a friendly bio about yourself so that the guests can know a bit more about you before booking. They need to know that you’re trustworthy and get comfortable with you, so answer as many questions as possible.
  • Verifications: You can add a number of verifications to your profile, including having your ID validated, to make it easy for other members to trust who you are.

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