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A ‘Transfarmation’ Meet The Woman Helping Animal Farms Turn Vegan

In recent years, an increasing number of animal farmers have been grappling with a sense of guilt and questioning the ethics of their industry.

Thankfully, individuals like Sarah Heiligtag, a passionate activist, have emerged as beacons of hope, offering a compassionate solution to these farmers. 

At The Vegan Stay, we are inspired by stories of transformation and positive change. In this blog, we’ll delve into the remarkable journey of Sarah Heiligtag and her mission to help animal farms transition to veganism.

The Awakening

Sarah Heiligtag, a Swiss, vegan, farm owner herself, understands better than most, that many animal farmers deeply care for the animals under their care. However, they often find themselves conflicted, torn between their livelihood and their compassion for the animals. 

Circa 2017, when Sarah received a phone call from a distressed, nearby, dairy farmer. He had just dropped off another truckload of cows to the slaughterhouse the previous day. Struggling to live with the weight of his decision to raise animals for slaughter, he asked Sarah if she could help him turn his farm vegan! Intrigued by the idea to transform animal farms, she agreed to help him ‘Transfarm’!

Since that fateful phone call, Sarah has actively guided close to 130 farms in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, to move away from animal farming. Farmers get in touch with her, after years of coping (read: suffering) with the guilt and other difficult emotions that come with their line of work in animal farming.

Many of these farmers have been working with their animals closely for years and they didn’t see a way out of the cruel, exploitative animal farming industry. Until they spoke to Sarah, that is!

Having experienced a profound shift in perspective surrounding the ethical concerns surrounding animal agriculture, these farmers are eager to explore alternative, more compassionate ways of farming.

How to Transfarm?

Sarah starts the ‘transfarmation’ process by first finding out as much as she can about the farm and its yet undiscovered potential to be transfarmed! 

Next, open discussions are held with the farm owners to bring out their ideas for plant-based farming methods. 

As a result of this process being repeated with several farmers, Sarah recognized the need for a supportive framework that would enable animal farmers to transition away from traditional animal agriculture practices. 

Education and Resources

Sarah’s current approach to transfarmation involves providing comprehensive education and resources to farmers interested in transitioning to vegan farming practices.

She offers workshops, training programs, and one-on-one consultations, equipping farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace a new way of farming.

From sustainable crop cultivation to ethical land management practices, farmers are empowered to explore innovative and cruelty-free methods of food production.

Building Networks and Alliances

Recognizing the importance of community and collaboration, Sarah fosters connections between animal farmers who are undergoing the transition process.

By facilitating networking events and creating platforms for knowledge-sharing, she encourages farmers to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and offer support.

These networks serve as a vital source of inspiration and motivation, reinforcing the belief that together, they can forge a new path in the agricultural industry.

Celebrating Success Stories:

Sarah’s efforts have yielded heartwarming success stories of animal farms embracing vegan practices. From dairy farms transforming into plant-based milk production facilities to livestock farms transitioning into organic plant cultivation, these stories exemplify the immense potential for positive change within the farming community.

Meet Selina and Adrian Blaser, the inspiring couple behind the transformation of their family beef farm! 🌱🐮

In 2020, Selina (pictured on the left) and Adrian decided to challenge the status quo. They couldn’t bear to see animals treated as mere commodities. Even though the living conditions on their farm were better than most, Selina couldn’t accept the fate of newborn calves being butchered once they grew large enough. 🐄💔

Driven by compassion and a vision for change, Selina discovered Sarah Heiligtag online, and together they embarked on a remarkable journey. In 2021, they transformed their farm into a sanctuary and embraced a vegan lifestyle. 🌿✨

Today, their farm thrives with new beginnings. They now cultivate delicious chickpeas in collaboration with a Swiss enterprise that specializes in hummus production. They’ve also created their very own vegetable garden, cultivating nourishment from the earth. 🌱🥦

But that’s not all! Selina and Adrian’s sanctuary has become a place of love and connection. They’ve established an adoption program, allowing caring individuals to sponsor the beautiful animals that call the sanctuary home. From cows and goats to chickens, rabbits, cats, and a dog, their sanctuary is a vibrant community of diverse beings. 🐾❤️

Selina and Adrian’s journey reminds us of the power of compassion and the incredible transformations that can occur when we follow our hearts. Let’s applaud their dedication to a kinder world for animals and celebrate their amazing journey together! 🎉💚

Such transformations not only alleviate the guilt and ethical concerns of farmers but also contribute to a more sustainable, compassionate, and thriving food system.

The Transfarmation Continues..

Sarah Heiligtag’s work and her mission to assist animal farmers in transitioning to veganism represents a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of compassion and transformation.

If you’re an animal farmer seeking guidance on transitioning to vegan practices, we encourage you to reach out to Sarah Heiligtag and explore the resources and support available.

To learn more about her mission and how you can get involved, check out her Non-Profit, Hof Narrin’s Instagram Page!


At The Vegan Stay, we are inspired by individuals like Sarah who are driving positive change within the farming industry. Together, we can create a future where animals are no longer exploited, and farmers find fulfillment in a compassionate and sustainable way of life.

Head to The Vegan Stay website to discover vegan-friendly accommodations and join us in celebrating the incredible efforts of individuals dedicated to building a more compassionate world.

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