Delicious and Healthy Vegan Recipes for your next Eco Travel

Go-To Vegan Travel Recipes

Picture this – you plan an amazing adventure off the beaten track from what is considered “touristy”. When you get there you realize, there are no vegan options in site!! You are ravenous but don’t want to give into eating something with cheese or eggs….no matter how yummy it may smell. What do you do? Well, you start cooking!!!

But isn’t cooking the last thing you would want to do on an adventure or vacation? Well, maybe. However, there are SO many easy, cheap, healthy, and delicious vegan meals you can cook up in your vegan stay that will save you and your hungry tummy in a pinch.

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Vegan Options To Make On The Go

Before we talk recipes, it is important to mention that if you are planning on cooking during your next vegan holiday, you should stay in vegan-friendly accommodation that includes a small kitchen. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a couple burners will do!

Here are some of the quickest, yummiest, and most accessible vegan options you can create from almost anywhere in the world!

1. Pasta with Homemade Sauce and Veggies

For this dish, just head to the market and pick up the basics! Choose some of your favorite noodles, cook up some tomatoes, onions, and garlic for the sauce, and finally saute a bell pepper and zucchini to throw on top!! Simple, tasty, and healthy!! 

2. Mixed Veggie Scramble

This may be the ultimate vegan travel dish because it is super easy! Just pick up 5-6 of your favorite veggies from the market and saute them all together with salt, pepper, and olive oil!! We would recommend using potatoes, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and mushrooms. Want some protein? You can easily add some lentils or chickpeas on the side!

3. Mixed Veggie Soup

When there’s no vegan restaurant in site, one of the easiest vegan meals you can make from anywhere in the world is soup!! Pick up some veggie broth cubes, a variety of your favorite veggies, and some noodles for a quick, easy, and healthy vegan meal! Eat it outside your vegan accommodation and take in those sweet views, wherever you may be. 


Now you may be asking, what if I do not have the option to cook? What can I make? Well, we will be writing about that in our upcoming Vegan Stay blogs, so stay tuned!! 

Don’t forget to drop a comment below and tell us about what YOU like to cook on your vegan holidays. Did you try one of our recommendations above? Let us know how it went!! 

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