Vegan Travel – Eating Traditional Dishes Around Europe

You may have already read our blog, “Can You Enjoy Traditional Cuisine on a Vegan Holiday?”, where we provided some helpful tips to find and enjoy all the local flavors as a vegan traveler! 

Now, it is time to dive deeper!! Where can you find some of the most flavorful and culturally relevant vegan dishes? What are some MUST TRY vegan options around the globe? Well, let’s read on to find out!

The United Kingdom

Famous for some of the most vegan-friendly cities, the United Kingdom is a MUST visit if you love trying cultural vegan foods!


Scotland is pretty famous for haggis and the full Scottish breakfast. Haggis is like a savory pudding that contains oats, veggies, spices, and usually meat but in this case it can be made with chopped nuts and lentils. Haggis is one of the unique parts of the Scottish breakfast, which also includes baked beans, toast, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and some vegan sausage and bacon! YUM! 

You can find a GREAT vegan Scottish Breakfast at The Sly Fox, along with other vegan goodies. 


London, Brighton, and Manchester are 3 of the most vegan-friendly cities I have ever visited as a vegan traveler.

If you want the full British food experience you must try Brigit’s Bakery for a lovely afternoon tea, Unity Diner for almost-too-realistic fish and chips, and Cafe Van Gogh for a delightful English breakfast. 

Unity Diner


Among the dramatic mountains, flowing rivers, and quiet towns of Switzerland, you can find some great vegan restaurants! 

One of the most culturally important dishes to try in Switzerland is fondue!! Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy Goodness! You can find a great vegan fondue at the Fondue Villa and Garden, which is located in the popular and gorgeous town of Interlaken. You will receive a bubbling pot of fondue with various traditional sides to use for dipping! Make sure you visit on an empty stomach because this meal WILL fill you up!

Fondue Villa And Garden

The Netherlands

Another great vegan-friendly destination is Amsterdam! Here you can find everything from vegan burgers and pizza, to dutch pancakes and stroopwafel! Stroopwafel is usually not vegan but you can find some delicious vegan ones at Deer Mama. Pack them in your bag and pull them out as a snack on your next outing! 

Vegan Stroopwafel from Deer Mama, Amsterdam

Czech Republic

Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, does not disappoint when it comes to delicious vegan restaurants! You can find a great variety of vegan food in this vegan-friendly city, including traditional Czech food that has been veganized. 

You definitely need to try Svickova at Shromazdiste, an all vegan restaurant that offers a variety of traditional Czech food. This dish was hearty and full of flavor! One of my favorite dishes through all my travels. 

Svickova at Shromazdiste, Prague

As you can see, there is no shortage of delicious cultural vegan options that you can enjoy on your vegan holiday! So, pack your bags, get ready to eat a lot of delicious food, and book a vegan stay with us for your next vegan adventure!!

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