The Rise of Vegan Travel

Vegan travel is growing! All over the world, plant-based accommodations, i.e vegan hotels, restaurants, and tours are thriving.

So, what is behind the rise of vegan travel?

For vegan travelers, planning a trip used to be a difficult one. Emphasis on ‘used to be. Vegan travel from years past would involve a lot of guesswork to find any reliable food and stay options on the go. 

And just a short while ago, being vegan was a major obstacle to travel. One would spend a trip having to constantly worry about where one’s next meal was going to come from, whether the place one would be staying at would even understand what vegan really meant.  

This would greatly compromise the quality of travel for vegans.  It’s challenging enough that one has to worry about being vegan where one life. And those challenges would certainly magnify when one travels to a place one has little, or perhaps no, familiarity with. Fortunately, this is no longer the case!

There is little doubt that a new consciousness is emerging! Consumption of animal products is no longer a basic fact of life. There are plenty of sources online that support this claim, and the trend is getting only strong–a far cry from a fad.

Travel, like many other aspects of human life, has been profoundly impacted by this new trend. Popular vegan travel destinations such as Bali, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Brighton, Chaing Mai, and California have always been at the top of the list for vegan travelers, and the list of vegan-friendly destinations is quickly expanding

The hospitality and tourism industry has responded in kind (or kindness!).

Inquiries and bookings for vegan holidays have experienced remarkable growth – jumping over 100% in a relatively short period! (Skift). Travel and tour operators like World Vegan Travel have been scouting vegan destinations to create fun, memorable vegan travel experiences for their clients. 

On the ground, those already running their own hospitality companies, have begun to actively promote their plant-based offerings and some have even gone all the way and now are 100% vegan hotels. Of course, enterprising vegans have risen to the occasion and opened their own establishments (cafes, hostels, hotels, and even resorts!). It is in this context that The Vegan Stay has emerged.

What Is The Vegan Stay?

The Vegan Stay was created to straddle the two sides of the vegan movement: Its economic side and its ethical side. Also, it was created to foster a community of like-minded vegan travelers and hosts worldwide, while at the same time providing strategic and financial resources for vegan animal sanctuaries to empower them to focus on their core mission: Save lives and educate the public about the plight of animals in the modern world!


So the next time you are planning your vegan travel, head over to The Vegan Stay, and book your stay at any one of our all-vegan accommodations, now active in 15 countries! And, if you are the owner of a vegan hotel, BnB, or hostel, or if you have space to host a vegan traveler, LIST WITH US! It’s 100% free and a great way to support animal sanctuaries. 

At The Vegan Stay, we feed two birds with the same scone, and we do that with a lot of commitment and love!

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  1. Kari

    January 11, 2023

    The Vegan Stay will allow for a much nicer travel experience for us vegans! We have been traveling with our RV so we always had our own kitchen to make our meals while traveling, as well as our vegan bedding, but when another RVer starts up their BBQ with dead animals we must go inside. I hope to see more RV friendly stays! The Monkey Stop, at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary has several RV hook ups, as well as a house. So you can bring your own house or stay in our house!

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