Most Vegan Friendly Cities of 2022

Within a three year period, bookings for vegan vacations have raised 120% (Skift). Google searches for “vegan food near me” increased over 5,000% in 2021 (Veg News). The vegan food market increased its worth by $1 billion between 2020 and 2021, and is still growing (Sentient Media)! 

It is no joke that veganism is growing on a massive scale, and it just keeps going! Vegan travelers have access to vegan friendly travel like never before, and it is only going to keep getting better. No more living off of salads and french fries while on holiday! 

Even destinations that used to be challenging to vegans, like France, are opening vegan friendly restaurants left and right. Vegan friendly travel agencies like (World Vegan Travel) are helping vegans book their best vegan get-aways. And of course, The Vegan Stay is ensuring vegan travelers have a vegan friendly place to stay. 

With so many vegan friendly places to choose from, which is a good problem to have, which ones are the best?! Well, from personal experience and a little research, I have compiled a list of the top 10 vegan friendly cities to travel to this coming year. So pack your bags and lets go! 

Our Top 10 Vegan Friendly Cities to Visit ASAP!

According to Research:

There are many sources that report on which cities are the most vegan friendly. There are some cities however, that pop up on every web search because they must just be that great! So let’s take a look at a few.


Now this is an impressive one, and maybe one you wouldn’t quite expect. However, this small country is loaded with over 800 vegan restaurants (Happy Cow)! Here you can find a plethora of vegan noodles, dumplings, burgers, sushi, desserts, and more (Quorn.)


Located in beautiful and wild Australia, Melbourne is one of the top ranked vegan friendly cities in the world, with over 130 fully vegan restaurants in their main metro area (Happy Cow). I don’t know about you, but going to fully vegan eateries is such a relief because you can enjoy your meal knowing that what you are eating is in fact 100% vegan.


The entirety of the UK has been widely known for years now as being extremely vegan friendly, with London taking the cake. London was the first city on Happy Cow to have more than 200 completely vegan restaurants in 2022 (Happy Cow). I have visited this location myself and can attest to this truth. London is loaded with vegan restaurants, markets, events, and more. Even some movie theaters have vegan options, and this is a rarity.

New York City

As you can imagine, New York City has become a reliable friend to vegans over the past years. This city impressively offers more than 1,400 vegan friendly restaurants. It is also home to the only 100% plant based trade show in the world. (Vegconomist). In other words, if you are vegan and visiting New York, you wont be disappointed.


Despite its beauty, Paris has been known to be very challenging for Vegans in the past. However, they have revolutionized and have taken on the vegan way. From the classic croissant, to the American burger, Paris has become a hot spot for plant based and eco-friendly food (Vegetarian Times)

According to Experience:

As I am no stranger to vegan travel, I would like to add a few special cities to this list that were especially vegan-friendly to me during my visit. Offering a rich variety of vegan-friendly eateries, shops, and more.


Yes, London may technically be known for being one of the most vegan friendly cities in England, however according to the locals, Brighton caters to vegans even more, and I would have to agree. Despite its small size, Brighton is loaded with vegan-friendly options. From donuts and icecream, to loaded fries, pizza, and sushi rolls…Brighton has it all.


In my opinion, the most beautiful city in the UK, is greatly underrated when it comes to vegan food – Edinburgh. Among all the history and charm you can find vegan options a plenty. From enjoying a vegan Scottish breakfast, to browsing through vegan shoe shops and grocery stores, there is no shortage of vegan options here.

South Korea

A place you may not expect to cater to vegan travel, and yes I do mean the whole country because it was easy to find vegan options everywhere! I am specifically referring to Busan, Seoul, Daegu, and JeJu Island. South Korea may not be overflowing with vegan options per say but there are still plenty of options to try out and they are all equally delicious. You can find mouth watering pizzas, creamy mac and cheese, lots and lots of bakery items, falafel, vegan friendly shops, and more.

Los Angeles

In accordance with its size, LA is one of the most massive vegan destinations. I would say if you like American vegan junk food, this is the place for you. You can find crispy fried chicken, donuts, milkshakes, loaded fries, pizza, garlic knots, and on and on!


Chicago may have a rough reputation for safety, but you are totally safe in some areas and it is worth the visit for the culture, color, and vegan food! If you are in an area like Lincoln Park, you can find a plethora of vegan friendly places that are just a bike ride away! Something else I take into consideration of whether or not a city is vegan friendly are the grocery stores. And stores like Jewel-Osco have one of the largest vegan-friendly grocery selections I have ever seen!

SO, in a world that is undeniably turning vegan, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from! But hopefully this list of vegan destinations will get you started when you are planning your next vegan vacation!

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