Can You Enjoy Traditional Cuisine on a Vegan Holiday?

“Can I enjoy the local cuisine as a vegan traveler?”

The short answer is YES! From haggis in Scotland, to Svickova in Prague… you can most definitely try and drool over traditional dishes and local flavors during your next vegan holiday.

Finding the Best Vegan Restaurants that Serve Local Cuisine

If you prioritize finding delicious vegan options and veganized local cuisine, you will find it! Here are some tips on how you can find the most amazing vegan-friendly traditional cuisine on your vegan holiday.

1. Do Your Research

To find the best vegan restaurants that offer traditional dishes, you first need to know what those dishes are! Start by googling and learning about some traditional meals and snacks in that area. Then, you can google where to find those dishes, but vegan!

2. Look at the Reviews

If you want to find the best vegan options near you on your holiday, I recommend browsing the reviews of the restaurant. Check out google reviews, social media posts and comments, etc. This will definitely help you decide which vegan restaurants to choose from, as there are often many to choose from!

3. Is it 100% Vegan?

As vegans, we know the sense of excitement and relief you may feel when visiting a vegan restaurant that is 100% vegan! You won’t have to stress about cross-contamination or ordering something that is not vegan by accident if your menu is not in your native language! There are SO many vegan restaurants in vegan-friendly cities that beautifully reinvent traditional dishes and are 100% vegan.

Putting Our Method to the Test

After traveling across parts of Canada, the US, and Europe as a Vegan I can say that this little bit of research is well worth the extra effort as you will be eating VERY WELL on your next vegan holiday! 

I have enjoyed fried chicken in South Carolina, afternoon tea in London, indulgent waffles in Belgium, Fondue in Switzerland and much more. And, it was all VEGAN! 

Going to Europe soon? If you want more insight on where to find some excellent veganized traditional cuisine for your vegan holiday, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog, “Vegan Travel – Eating Traditional Dishes Around Europe.” 

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