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Animal Sanctuaries vs. Zoos

Understanding the Differences and Why It Matters!

Animal sanctuaries and zoos may appear similar on the surface, but they serve vastly different purposes. While both provide a home for animals, their approach to animal care and their end goals are many miles apart!

Animal sanctuaries aim to provide a safe haven for animals rescued from abuse, neglect, or abandonment, while zoos exist for entertainment and profit.

Animal Sanctuaries

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Animal sanctuaries are places where animals are rescued and provided with a safe, permanent home. Sanctuaries prioritize the well-being and comfort of animals over everything else!

They do not breed or sell animals, nor do they offer interactions with visitors that would disrupt the animals’ natural behaviors. 

The Vegan Stay has about 70 Partner Animal Sanctuaries spread over 16 countries! 

Sanctuaries often specialize in the care of specific animals, such as big cats, primates, or farm animals, and provide them with medical care, adequate nutrition, and space to roam freely. 

Sanctuaries also play an essential role in animal welfare by educating the public on animal rights, advocating for stronger animal protection laws, and raising awareness about animal abuse.

Check out the Life lessons you can learn just from spending time at our Partner animal sanctuaries!


Zoos, on the other hand, are commercial enterprises that exist primarily for profit and entertainment. While some zoos may provide a measure of educational value, their primary focus is on generating revenue by displaying animals for visitors. 

Zoos often breed animals, separate them from their families, and sell them to other zoos, circuses, or the exotic pet trade. Many animals in zoos are confined to small, artificial habitats that fail to meet their natural needs and cause significant stress and suffering.

Zoos claim to provide conservation benefits by funding wildlife research and breeding endangered species. However, these claims are often overstated, and the true impact of zoos on conservation efforts is debatable. 

Modern Zoos are just not worth the moral cost!

Additionally, zoos frequently engage in practices that harm animals, such as forced breeding, euthanasia, and separating animals from their mothers.

Why Support Animal Sanctuaries?

Animal sanctuaries offer a compassionate alternative to zoos that prioritizes animal welfare over profits. They provide a safe haven for animals that have suffered abuse or neglect and work to educate the public on animal rights. 

Supporting animal sanctuaries is crucial in creating a future where animals are valued as individuals, not commodities. 

The Vegan Stay Empowers Animal Sanctuaries!

At The Vegan Stay, we recognize the critical role that animal sanctuaries play in creating a more compassionate world. We work closely with vegan animal sanctuaries to empower them so that they spend more of their precious  time doing what they do best: 

Saving lives and educating the public about the need to treat animals for the sentient beings.

We do this by providing vegans and vegan-curious travelers with a fun, new way to find vegan accommodations anywhere in the world .Travelers can choose between stays at animal sanctuaries or vegan b&bs, With every booking they make, somewhere between 50-100% of the service The Vegan Stay charges goes towards an animal sanctuary, somewhere around the world!

Hear from an Animal Sanctuary owner on her Vegan Stay experience!

Our ultimate goal is to help spread awareness about animals as sentient beings, capable of experiencing the world subjectively

By staying with us, you are not only supporting our mission to provide vegan-friendly accommodations, but you are also contributing to the care and well-being of animals in need.

Supporting animal sanctuaries is crucial in creating a more compassionate world where animals are treated with respect and dignity. 

By choosing to book your next holiday vacation at any of our listings at The Vegan Stay, you can help support animal sanctuaries and contribute to a brighter future for all animals.

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