Our Team


Founder & CEO

A mathematics and physics university instructor, cosmology researcher, professional writer, and entrepreneur, Faik is very passionate about animal rights and gender equality. He founded The Vegan Lighthouse to solve a number of global problems on a structural level.


Partner & CTO

Nikita is a passionate web designer with extensive experience working with vegan and socially conscious businesses. With a love for tech, travel and veganism she has combined her expertise in web development with enthusiasm to create stunning online experiences for The Vegan Stay. Apart from her current role as a core member of The Vegan Lighthouse team, she spends most of her time rescuing and taking care of stray animals in her neighborhood.


Visual Designer & Brand Manager

A passionate designer and content writer, Sumit is acutely aware about the power of branding in making a powerful impact and a positive difference. With a keen eye for detail and proficiency in learning new tech, he aspires to push the The Vegan Lighthouse brand into the mainstream.


Sanctuary Relations Manager

A vegan traveler and blogger, Lucy is very passionate about a wide range of social justice issues, including animal rights. With a background in English coaching and a sense of deep empathy for others, she is a very effective communicator.


Chief Cuteness Officer

As the team’s main cheer-leader, he reminds us that there is much tenderness and sweetness in life, particularly in hard times. He brings two years of experience in mischief and boundless optimism.



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