Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary

Location: Hurlburt Lane, Creswell, Oregon, USA

Our Mission:

Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary: Our name says it all: “You are safe now. You are home. Welcome to a life of love, compassion and safety.”
The animals that come to us have not always known kindness at the hands of man. They have heartbreaking stories and have seen the worst of humanity. Remarkably, their forgiving spirits are able to love and be loved. We are privileged to be able to show these animals the compassion, trust and love they deserve.

The mission of Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary is the prevention of cruelty to all species of animals. We put this mission into action by providing a loving, forever home to abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted farm animals. Farm animals are devastatingly exploited by the meat and dairy industry. The majority of farm animals who live in the United States are raised on factory farms. They are forced to live in horrible conditions in the name of producing cheap food. These farm animals live in extreme confinement and are subject to abuse, violence and severe inhumane treatment.

We are not the only species on Earth deserving of love and respect. Animals have thoughts, feelings, and desires of their own – which deserve to be acknowledged. At Welcome Home, we recognize the importance of humanely caring for all animals. In our care, animals receive veterinary care, proper shelter, nutritious diets, proper grooming and most importantly, love. They are recognized as unique beings with individual personalities. They receive nurturing attention, which in most cases was denied to them before coming to us. We work on behalf of the animals and recognize that all animals in the sanctuary, human and non-human are of equal importance.
Thousands of animals rely on the protection of sanctuaries worldwide and thousands more await rescue and sanctuary of their own.

Welcome Home Animals Sanctuary is driven by the philosophy that kindness and respect to animals is our duty.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary:



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