The Field Shelter

Location: Blairgowrie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Our Mission:

The Field Shelter is run by Jojo and Nick. Collectively we have been vegan for 24 years. We are both incredibly motivated by our goal of rescuing some of the most vulnerable animals. We recognised that we could use our privilege, skills, and drive to rescue animals, to do something good for the world, and to leave something that will continue once we’re gone.

Our goal here at The Field Shelter is to start rescuing farmed animals. We set up our cosy modern vegan guesthouse to raise money to make this possible. We are currently using the profits from the guesthouse to build The Field Shelter sanctuary but once we’re all built and ready to go we’ll be using the profits for the day to day running costs, feed, and vet bills.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
The Field Shelter:



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