Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve

Location: New Jersey, USA

Our Mission:

CARING – For abused and neglected farmed animals.
PRESERVING – Our land for native wildlife.
EDUCATING – About animal protection and environmental ethics.
ADVOCATING – For a compassionate society.

In 2013, we rescued our first farmed animals. We knew that if we could share their stories of courage and survival against all odds, we could create life-saving change for farmed animals everywhere. Our virtual education programs, in-person tours, events, outreach, and advocacy have reached people worldwide while remaining a safe harbor for locally abused, neglected, and discarded farmed animals.

We give each animal that enters our sanctuary the best care possible. Through our rehab and physical therapy program, special dietary needs, and unique emotional needs, we stop at nothing to ensure the animals have everything they need to thrive once they arrive at Tamerlaine, which will now be their forever home.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve:



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