Starting Over Sanctuary

Location: Netanya, Israel

Our Mission:

We are a nonprofit organisation involved with rescuing animals.

The organisation takes care of and rehabilitates animals rescued from the streets and livestock industries.

The sanctuary is home to animals rescued from all over the country that suffered horrible abuse and neglect or abandonment, and at the sanctuary they receive a chance to live free, receive  love and peace and in fact start over.

Our sanctuary is a place of refuge for the animals that come here,  but also for the people who visit

The sanctuary works to promote education and advocates for the love of animals,  seeing each other and raising public awareness for the protection of animals and their rights for the purpose of building a solidary, healthy and tolerant society.

The sanctuary also maintains a mutual rehabilitative connection between the animals that live in it and special populations. We work for education for values ​​and empowerment for at-risk youth and disadvantaged populations, through their integration in animal care and support, while encouraging and developing qualities of responsibility, giving, ability, teamwork and leadership. 

Starting Over Sanctuary

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Starting Over Sanctuary:



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