Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Cabuya, Costa Rica

Our Mission:

Create a “Community” Wildlife Refuge by gathering signatures of conservation-minded individual landowners who are committed to stopping hunting and providing safe habitat for animals. In the first few weeks we have already signed up over 7500 acres to the Penjamo Community Wildlife Refuge.

Provide information and assistance in reforesting the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are already providing half-price seedlings of endangered hardwoods and native fruit trees favored by wildlife.

Operate a badly needed regional wildlife hospital for the rescue of injured or abandoned animals and birds.

Re-introduce endangered species to the areas where they’ve become extinct in the past few decades. These include the endangered Three-toed Sloth, Baird’s Tapir, Quetzal, Spider Monkeys, Kinkajous, Tepezquintles (pacas), Tamandua Anteaters, Green Iguanas, Crested Guan, Chachalacs, native pigeons and quail, Scarlet Macaws..

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary:



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