PONTO z.s - Zvířecí Azyl
(PONTO Sanctuary)

Location: The Czech Republic

Our Mission:

PONTO je nově vznikající azyl pro zvířata zachráněná ze špatných podmínek.
Slovo PONTO pochází z jazyka Esperanto, jež měl sloužit jako jazyk, který sjednotí národy a znamená “most”.

We are a family-run sanctuary, which offers help and love to animals in need. We believe that animals of all species deserve to live out their lives in freedom and peace, without suffering, cages or slaughterhouses. The very word PONTO translates as “bridge” and comes from the Esperanto language, which was created in the 19th century with the idea of uniting the nations in one language. We consider non-human animals to be a group of many nations, which we often neglect, or act superior to them. The goal of PONTO is to be the bridge which unites those nations with ours once again, in one language. The language of compassion. Also important for us is that people have contact with such animals, that they get to know this reality on their own and see what the animals are truly like, when we allow them to expand their individuality and be whoever they truly desire to be.

At PONTO we believe that differentiating between “edible” and “unedible” animals has to stop. We want to see liberation for all animals exploited by the human hand.

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PONTO z.s - Zvířecí Azyl
(PONTO Sanctuary):

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PONTO z.s - Zvířecí Azyl
(PONTO Sanctuary):



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