Out To Pasture Sanctuary

Location: Estacada, Oregon, USA

Our Mission:

Out to Pasture Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit vegan farmed animal sanctuary and licensed animal rescue with Clackamas County, OR. We provide a loving, forever home to abused, neglected, or abandoned animals including farmed animals, rescued laboratory animals, and others.

We work with animal welfare groups such as the NW In Defense of Animals to investigate reports of animal neglect in Clackamas County and Northwest Miniature Pig Association to provide shelter for displaced pot-bellied pigs.

At Out to Pasture we believe in choosing compassion over cruelty. Animals value their lives as we value our own and deserve to live free of exploitation and suffering. We promote the sanctity of life for of all animals and advocate for an end to all forms of animals abuse through public education including leafleting, tabling, and articles in the Portland area. We promote a vegan lifestyle for reasons of ethics, compassion, health, and the environment.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Out To Pasture Sanctuary:



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