Kindly Animal Sanctuary

Location: Dumaresq, New South Wales, Australia

Our Mission:

Kindly Sanctuary is a not for profit animal sanctuary situated on a picturesque, chemical free, 350 acre property near Armidale NSW. For many years we have rescued, rehabilitated, released and rehomed farm and domestic animals in need as well as wildlife. The animals we rescue are in need of help as a result of neglect, natural disasters and domestic violence situations. Over 200 rescued animals reside here permanently. We are privileged to have many wild koalas call the sanctuary home and we have plans to plant even more koala friendly trees and tree corridors.

Kindly Animal Sanctuary will continue provide practical timely hands on assistance to all animals in need, whilst providing safe envrioments along with healthy ecosystems, managed and cared for in a sustainable wholistic way.

Phone: +61 439 922 350


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