Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

Location: Greyton, South Africa

Our Mission:

In 2017 the sanctuary became a registered non-profit [187-044-NPO] and is today home to nearly 200 rescued animals including pigs, sheep, goats, 2 geese, 2 roosters, a duck, blue crane and senior dogs and cats. Most animals are very traumatised when they arrive and so the sanctuary team is committed to making sure that they are able to settle for the rest of their lives and live in peace, free of suffering and with all of their natural needs met. Sometimes the sanctuary takes in pet pigs who are at risk because their humans cannot keep them. If another home becomes available, usually with a lonely pig who is seeking a companion, the sanctuary will, after rigorous home checks, rehome piggy back into the familiar setting of a private home. The resident animals are free to roam over the forty hectares of the farm during the day and return to their large paddocks as they please, to feed, shelter or sleep. Caledon Veterinary Clinic visits at least fortnightly and helps the team care for the animal sanctuary residents. The sanctuary has a strict no breeding policy, although some animals do arrive at the sanctuary already pregnant and the farm is occasionally blessed with the arrival of babies who will only ever know peace, comfort and safety.

The sanctuary is also a resource for the Humane Education Programme, which aims to reach every child between the ages of five and eighteen years within the area of Greyton and neighbouring communities.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary:



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