Ananda Animal Sanctuary

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Our Mission:

At Ananda Animal Sanctuary we want to see animals freed from suffering and exploitation. Our goal is to rescue and provide refuge for as many farmed animals in need of a home as possible. We want to help people make the connection that farm animals like sheep and pigs are no different to our companion animals and that they all have their own personalities that deserve respect and compassion. 

We believe that an animals worth should not be based on its usefulness to humans. With abundant scientific evidence demonstrating that animals do feel pain and stress, it goes without saying that we are morally obligated to ensure animals are free from suffering and exploitation. We should be kind to others whether they are from the same species or not. Jeremy Bentham once said:


We all have a built in capacity for empathy and compassion however, disappointingly some of us do not extend this from pets to wildlife or the animals that are sadly farmed for food. There is no logical reason why we should treat these animals any differently since they have the same capacity to experience joy, pain and fear. Studies have even shown that pigs are cognitively smarter than dogs!

Our vision is a world of compassionate beings that don’t enslave, torture & kill other animals. We are all vegan at Ananda and would like to see an end to the animal farming industry for the sake of the animals and the planet. The ultimate result would be to see this ethical shift within our lifestime and for animals to suffer needlessly at the hands of humans no more.

Meet Some Of The Residents Of
Ananda Animal Sanctuary:



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