Maximize your Impact, unleash the power of vegan hospitality while supporting vegan sanctuaries worldwide.

The Vegan Stay is a unique platform that combines vacationing and activism. By listing your property or experience on The Vegan Stay, you can directly support vegan animal sanctuaries around the world.
The Vegan Stay partners with vegan animal sanctuaries, empowering them with logistical and financial support so that they can spend more of their time on their core mission: Save lives and educate the public about the plight of animals in the modern world.

Host Your Vegan Experience or Event

List your Experience or Event at The Vegan Stay  

Get bookings on your experience

Get bookings from vegan and vegan-curious travelers and increase your income.

Help Animals and those who care for them

Up to 50% of our Service Fees go to support a vegan animal sanctuary somewhere in the world.

Listing your Stay, Event, or Experience could be the answer to funding animal sanctuaries around the world.

Host on The Vegan Stay:
Empower Yourself, Change Lives

Every booking saves lives

With each booking, you make a direct impact on the lives of animals and those who care for them. We donate up to 50% of our Service Fees to an animal sanctuary of your choice.

Attract Ethical Guests: Increase bookings, build trust

Welcome like-minded guests who share your values and welcome vegan and vegan-curious individuals from around the world to your Stay,Event, or Experiences

Maximize Your income

Host your services at no fees. Yes, you’ve heard that correctly! The first 500 hosts of Stays, Events, and Experiences get to host on our platform for free.

Empowering Animal Sanctuaries Worldwide

By registering as a host on The Vegan Stay, you choose to become a catalyst for change. Choose a sanctuary to support from our list of partners. Your sanctuary of choice does not exist on our list? No problem! Simply encourage them to contact us to explore the possibility of partnering with us: to join our mission.

Join Us in Funding Opportunities

Empowering vegan hosts of stays, events, and experiences, while Supporting Animal Sanctuaries worldwide

At The Vegan Stay, we empower hosts who are dedicated to the ideals of vegan hospitality. We encourage hosts to transform their rentals into channels of activism, giving them a chance to make a difference in the lives of animals and those who care for them.

Service Fee for Travelers: Contributing to Animal Sanctuaries

Travelers are charged a Service Fee of approximately 13% of the Total Booking Subtotal. This fee is paid by The Traveler. Up to 50% of this fee goes directly to a vegan animal sanctuary of the Host’s choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting is completely free on The Vegan Stay for the first 500 Hosts. We only charge the service fee to guests, who pay 13% of the total booking amount.
Vegan Hosts are expected to honor any reservation made according to The Vegan Stay Policies. However, we understand that there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from following with such reservations. In that case, the host authorizes The Vegan Stay to refund guests 100% of the money they paid for services not delivered by the host.
The Vegan Stay strives to protect hosts from any adverse situations that might occur. For that, we allow hosts to set up their own rules for their stay, including: check-in and check-out times, mix/max nights a guest can stay, how far in the future guests can book and advance notice needed before booking.
The Vegan Stay donates a minimum of 40% and up to 50% of our service fee to animal sanctuaries. Learn more about our service fee schedule.

First impressions matter, especially for a holiday destination. Your profile is the only opportunity you have to show the best your accommodation has to offer, so make sure it looks tempting! 

  • Pictures: Include high-quality pictures of your stay, covering the interior and exterior areas. If your stay is at a sanctuary, make sure to include pictures of the animals and the areas where the guests can interact with them!
  • Bio: Write a friendly bio about yourself so that the guests can know a bit more about you before booking. They need to know that you’re trustworthy and get comfortable with you, so answer as many questions as possible.
  • Verifications: You can add a number of verifications to your profile, including having your ID validated, to make it easy for other members to trust who you are.



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